Interview with Ryan Otto – Disruptive Businessman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Samaritan

Interview with Ryan Otto – The Disruptive Businessman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Samaritan

Ryan Otto has worked hard, smart and has made sacrifices along the way to become a property investment adviser to the premier league, socialised with celebrity friends and has been in a strong financial position to auction off his Porsche 911 Carrera C2S for charity.

But Ryan Otto’s adventurous and millionaire lifestyle has not always been blessed with success.  It was after an unfortunate turn of events in 2011, which became the most challenging point of Ryan Otto’s life and career, which lead him to join the Samaritans and start his philanthropic journey.

Being a Samaritan entailed Ryan helping and supporting others less fortunate physically, mentally, emotionally and who either lacked problem solving skills or positive life experience, that would enable them to lead a positive and happy life.

Some of the people that Ryan engaged with were vulnerable, some had suicidal thoughts, others had made attempts to take their own lives.  Most felt they had nothing to live for anymore, no family to care for them and no home to go to.

Within a short few months of becoming a Samaritan, the Samaritans representatives that spent 8 weeks training Ryan Otto to prevent suicide, saw the empathy in Ryan and invited him to become the Samaritans’ coordinator with the responsibility of organizing, orchestrating and chairing the fortnightly Samaritans meetings.

It also entailed managing a team of approximately 15 Samaritans to also assist in preventing suicides of vulnerable men.  Ryan Otto was the Samaritan’s coordinator and held this position in two separate counties which had never been done before.

As a reward for spending nearly 4 years as a Samaritan, the regional Samaritans office decided to personally invite him to the Samaritans AGM meeting. One evening in October, Ryan attended this momentous Samaritans meeting and was requested to speak to the entire regional Samaritans team (where some had spent 40 years volunteering) about preventing suicides in the community and in custody.

Shortly after the Samaritans AGM meeting, it was agreed that Ryan Otto would attend other Samaritan’s meetings in the community to help support and train new Samaritans in the community who have volunteered to give up their time to help prevent suicides too.

For the last four years, Ryan put himself forward to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to attend any situation whereby a vulnerable person wanted to speak to a Samaritan. During the course of these 4 years Ryan built personal relationships with those that he was helping, and many asked to speak personally with him when they needed a ‘listening ear’.

Ryan would spend sometimes up to 6 hours just listening, talking, and encouraging the person to explore their thoughts and feelings in order to discourage or help that person to not take their own life.  On some occasions the person attempting suicide could have either a razor blade in their hand, the razor blade in their mouth and quite possibly open wounds at the time, as it was not uncommon for the person to have previously self-harmed.  On more than one occasion, Ryan Otto was confronted with a desperate person, who had fasted a noose tight around their neck.  His sole purpose was to listen and encourage the person to be deterred from their current suicidal attempt.

Over the 4-year period of being a Samaritan with access to inside establishments and on call on call 365 days a year, Ryan Otto spent hundreds of days face-to-face with suicidal  broken men, children inside a grown man’s physique, on the verge of death and Ryan’s voice of sympathy, empathy, understanding and compassion at that particular moment may contribute or be solely responsible for saving this persons’ life.

During his time being a Samaritan, Mr Otto was confronted multiple times with the horrendous situation of death in custody. Fortunately, none of the victims of suicide were friends or associates of Ryan Otto’s which is a consolation and testament to Ryan Otto’s success as a Samaritan.

He has received an anomaly of moving cards, emotional letters and teary eyed thank you from men who have avoided taking their own lives, and their family members too who felt Ryan Otto was somewhat responsible for their decision to not take their own life in their darkest hours of need.

Just having Mr Otto there with me, listening and talking, showing empathy and sympathy towards my horrendous situation, gave me the courage to pick myself up and not take my own life. Thank you Ryan for being there” (testimonial provider wanted to remain anonymous).

Ryan Otto said  ‘Becoming a Samaritan whilst also facing his most challenging time in his life, was responsible for helping me grow as a person. Listening to hundreds of suicidal men’s life stories, being face to face with these broken vulnerable men at their darkest hours in their lives, enabled Ryan to cope with and overcome the reality of his own personal challenges of which he has successfully navigated through.

 About Ryan Otto the Disruptive Businessman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Samaritan

Ryan Otto is a disruptive businessman and entrepreneur with the access to unlimited funds and resources to discreetly and swiftly purchase off-market:  flats, houses, bungalows, HMOs, Land, entire portfolios, entire developments and commercial real-estate throughout central London and the South East.

The Man Behind The (Multi-Million Pound Property Investment Machine…)

Many of the investors that Ryan Otto helped have gone on to become successful, wealthy businessmen in their own right in a short period of time after working directly or indirectly, learning Ryan Otto’s unorthodox property investment strategies.

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