Ryan Otto Keynote Speaker in Piccadilly HNW Event

Ryan Otto Keynote Speaker in Piccadilly High Net Worth Event

I’m a property investor operating in the same circles as Ryan Otto, (name hidden) and (name hidden). I heard that Ryan Otto, (name hidden) and (name hidden) collaborated on a property training program and PR campaign that apparently Ryan Otto structured and launched.

Ryan Otto,  property millionaire, was said to have been approached by (name hidden) and (name hidden) who wanted to leverage Ryan Otto for access to his complex methods and strategies that he was using and not known by the masses (a course sellers gold mine).

It has been said that they offered Ryan Otto an undisclosed five-figure sum to build and launch this campaign and training under the remit of a joint venture, to enable (name hidden) and (name hidden) to be associate with this Virgin investment strategy.

Apparently Ryan Otto never received any monies from this deal at any point from (name hidden) and (name hidden) after Ryan Otto was privy to some damaging information obtained by email from a previous disgruntled joint venture partner of the duo (name hidden) and (name hidden) .

It has been said, and you could assume, that relationships broke down between Ryan Otto and (name hidden) and (name hidden). Ryan Otto was said to have requested to terminate their agreement and go separate ways without any association; however, immediately (name hidden) and (name hidden) initiated a scandal of allegations and defamation of character against Ryan Otto merely to discredit him in the event that Ryan Otto spoke the truth about the allegations made by (name hidden) and (name hidden) previous joint venture partnership that broke down too.

Simply, this was said to have been a smoke screen and attempt to discredit Ryan Otto who remained tight lipped and dignified. The first malicious attempt immediately after Ryan Otto, (name hidden) and (name hidden) relationship was terminated (name hidden) and (name hidden) released this calculated aggressive attempt to discredit Ryan Otto (click here). What’s also in the public domain is mortgage statements of Ryan Otto to highlight the false claim as fictitious, and the malicious stunt was merely a calculated revenge attack on Ryan Otto by (name hidden) and (name hidden) who are course sellers and in the property public eye.

It never ceases to amaze me the facade that these course sellers put on to show you when they are on the pedestal selling you their next best get rich property scheme, as if they are perfect… And off the stage and out of the spotlight their true colours are revealed to show the extent of the malicious endeavours and dark depths they will stoop to in order to maintain their facade in the limelight to sell more property courses, that are only aimed at the newbies into property investment.

If all of the course sellers retired tomorrow, would anybody even miss them? I think not!

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