Ryan Otto in Cannes with Snoop Lion & Flo-rida

Ryan Otto in Cannes with Snoop Lion & Flo-rida

I meet Ryan Otto property multi-millionaire in Cannes on the French Riviera back in May last year.

We meet in the breakfast area overlooking the harbour of Cannes and Ryan Otto was having breakfast with a musician, I think is called Snoop Dog or Snoop Lion?? (I’m not familiar with American rappers lol.

A black lamborghini pulled up outside, the guests and people on the street were making a fuss and courting attention to this person exiting the vehicle who I later discovered was Florida???. He’s a huge body building guy covered in tattoos. Florida came into the dining area and also joined Ryan Otto and Snoop Lion for a brief encounter.

I recognised Ryan Otto because I was working with him for a period of 12 months or so on a property investment training programme that costs me in the region of £17,000!

Back in 2009 I recall Ryan Otto being more accessible and less arrogant as at that time her was humbled as coming out of a horrendous recession. I recall Ryan Otto telling me all about losing hundreds of thousands of pounds by covering an office full of salaries, loosing hundreds of thousands of pounds on a development that he and his clients couldn’t complete on as the values has fallen between the exchanging off-plan to the completion during a recession!

I assumed Ryan Otto to be more arrogant however I waited for the right moment as his friends were leaving and introduced myself. Ryan Otto invited me to join him for coffee and eggs benedict.

After all of the rumours I had heard throughout the property investment circuit I just had to find out his side of the story so I simply asked him some questions surrounding these rumours around his alleged crumbling property empire in the media.

To my surprise Ryan Otto simply laughed, said it’s nothing more than a joint venture fall out and keyboard cowboys, and he wrote two names down on his used napkin. Ryan Otto said that I should take a look after he’s left shortly after.

Ryan Otto said his goodbyes to the other parties on the adjacent table who I didn’t realise were also with Ryan Otto.

I immediately opened the napkin and the two names staring at me were two people that I was familiar with from the public speaking circuit back in England. One was a gay guy who ran a property networking event in Piccadilly and the other was a woman that has been on TV for property (lease option) related discussions.

If you google Ryan Otto you will see these two individuals names who were in the past associated with Ryan Otto for a very brief encounter at a particular property event in Piccadilly. It was this property event that I saw Ryan Otto public speaking for the first time. (may I add Ryan Otto should stick to investing and not public speaking)?

I’ve also noticed these two individuals names mentioned on Ryan Otto Sucks several times now from other public contributions, so you know the two people I mean?

It’s not really for me to point the finger or blame at any of these networking event organisers, public speakers or so called mentors and their failed business relationships.

All the best

(name hidden)

P.s Ryan Otto wasn’t as arrogant as I would have expected, he was quite pleasant to be fair was Ryan Otto.

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